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This curriculum addresses basic parenting skills for babies and young children, including non-violent discipline and school readiness. This curriculum is perfect for new parents or veteran parents starting again!

Session 1: Pre-Assessment

Session 2: You and Your Child (Styles of Parenting & Child Development)

Session 3: Preventing Problems (Discipline)

Session 4: Encouraging Positive Behavior (Encouragement, Choices, & Caregiver Care)

Session 5: Preparing for School Success

Session 6: Post- Assessment

P.A.L.: Active Parenting for

First Five Years

P.A.L.: 4th Edition



This curriculum helps parents raise responsible children  through suggested methods of resisting negative peer pressure, using non-violent discipline, effective communication, & school success.

Session 1: The Active Parent Pre-Assessment

Session 2: Cooperation and Communication

Session 3: Responsibility & Discipline

Session 4: Building Courage & Self-Esteem

Session 5: Redirecting Misbehavior

Session 6: Active Parenting for School Success (includes Post- Assessment)


Curriculum includes active discussions on communicating & responding proactively with teens, incorporating technology, the latest research in teen risky behavior prevention, and bullying. There is also a brief discussion on communicating within step family households.

Session 1: The Active Parent Pre-Assessment

Session 2: Winning Cooperation

Session 3: Responsibility & Discipline

Session 4: Building Courage/Redirecting Misb

Session 5: Drugs, Sexuality, and Violence Part I

Session 6: Drugs, Sexuality, and Violence Part II (includes Post- Assessment)

P.A.L.: Active Parenting


Disclaimer: Save Atlanta’s Parenting Program is conducted by Certified Active Parent Leaders. Sessions conducted with our client(s) are for educational purposes, they are not counseling sessions, and are not conducted by licensed counselors, therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists nor any other licensed profession.  

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