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Individuals seeking individual lifestyle modification planning are encouraged to request one-on-one wellness coaching sessions with a certified wellness coach.


Individual/one-on-one client program will include:

¨ Initial needs assessment: Pre survey to assess your current health condition and future health needs   

¨ One-on-One wellness coaching sessions: Number of coaching sessions are determined by needs assessment, ranging from 1 to 5 sessions per individual need. Sessions are set for one hour and include health education, coaching strategies, SMART goal development, and motivation techniques. Our certified coaches are capable of working with clients with various health and lifestyle management needs.

Individuals who share common health goals are encouraged to attend a variety of group coaching sessions. Group coaching and education sessions help individuals to develop rapport and advocacy support for one another. Session range from 30 minutes to 1 hour and can be offered in series form.


Group coaching program will include:

¨ Lifestyle Modification Planning Basics: Health condition management, weight loss strategies, Reducing risky heath behaviors

¨ Food Facts: Understanding Nutrition/ Preparing healthier meals

¨ Watch My Wiggle: Understanding the basics of exercise and movement

¨ Stressing to De-Stress: Learning about stress and practicing stress coping techniques

¨ Money Can Grow on Trees: How to become more financially sound

¨ Family First: How to plan your family into your wellness program

¨ Be Well Woman/Be Well Man: Wellness topics and tips catered specifically to men and women specific health topics

Note: Please call for Group coaching pricing


Need someone to conduct a group wellness session at your church or social organization? Give us a call! Save Atlanta’s Wellness group sessions and presentations are mobile for groups of six or more! Please contact us for your health program development and program coordination needs!

Disclaimer: Save Atlanta’s Health & Wellness Program is conducted by Certified Health & Wellness Educators. These  services  are for educational purposes only. Sessions conducted with our client(s) are not conducted by licensed Doctors, Nurses, Dieticians, nor any other licensed profession in the medical field.  

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