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Struggling with Anger? We can help!

Do you sometimes find yourself angry to the point where you always say and do things that hurt others? Do you at times find yourself angry at people or situations longer than a day? Do you get angry very frequent? Don’t worry, Save Atlanta is here to help! Anger is a natural emotion that could be detrimental to our lives. When angry, we tend to hurt others and ourselves. Save Atlanta is here to empower you by giving you the much-needed tools to manage anger. We must all take control of our lives and stop letting stressors and situations predict our future. We offer group & individual psycho-educational anger & stress management services. Learn about State and Trait types of anger and more!

Choice Based Anger Control is the approach we utilize to control anger here at Save Atlanta. Choice Based Anger Control tells us that we the people have the choice whether or not to react positively or negatively to our triggers and stressors. The techniques and strategies you will learn from the Choice Based Anger Control approach could assist you with controlling your anger by recognizing early onset of triggers and knowing how to cope with those triggers ahead of time.

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